Tileable Basket Weave Textures

Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px) (740px * 740px) seamless Basket Weave textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

Click thumbnails below to view the fullsize versions and download individually, or download the complete zip below.

Included Images

Included in the zip

  • Full size versions of all the thumbs shown above
  • Photoshop .pat pattern set of all images shown above

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66 comments on “Tileable Basket Weave Textures

  1. Rose says:

    Thank you for yet another exquisite set of textures/patterns for our use.

    11/07/2009 11:17 am
  2. Penny Kember says:

    I LOVE the basket weave patterns but am having problems downloading then. I am not as geeky as some and need somehelp. The conversion to PDF processcontinues won’t work and copying and pasting the images doesn’t work either . I am doing something wrong – would appreciate some help!

    11/30/2009 1:53 pm
    1. Pamela says:

      hmmmm? I’m not sure I understand – are you downloading the zip file?

      12/01/2009 3:39 pm
  3. scott says:

    Great patterns, however the link to download is no longer working. Have the images been removed?

    Thanks! – Scott

    07/18/2010 11:04 am
  4. rick says:

    Thank you so much , been looking for a day for something like this , I’ll make sure to link you in one of my pages !!!!

    09/03/2010 1:28 am
    1. Lita says:

      You’re most welcome Richard and we appreciate your comment, thank you!!! :)

      01/14/2011 10:13 pm
  5. Finja says:

    vielen Dank für die tollen Texturen,
    für mich als Anfänger sind solche Muster optimal.
    Wünsche einen schönen Tag.

    02/03/2011 9:34 am
  6. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for these. There perfect for an email template I’m designing for a company called Wickers!

    03/22/2011 2:53 am
    1. Lita says:

      You’re welcome Sarah. It does sound appropriate for your company. We’re glad you’ve found our basket weave textures useful!!! :)

      03/22/2011 8:55 pm
  7. Kalan says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful patterns & textures. I only have one problem: I’m spending all my time oohing and aahing over your fantastic art, I’m not getting any of MY work done!!!! >^..^<

    04/06/2011 6:43 am
    1. Lita says:

      hahaha….that is funny Kalan!!! :) So glad to hear you really like our work ;)

      04/09/2011 9:44 pm
  8. Stephanie says:

    These are GREAT! I downloaded them without any difficulties and will used one of them for an art project. I plan to etch the pattern into zinc! PERFECT! Thank you!

    04/24/2011 6:50 pm
  9. Nate says:

    Absolutely unique! Thanks for sharing this rare assets!

    I’ll be back here to let you know how I can make this useful on a design.

    11/16/2011 10:39 am
  10. Nancy says:

    These are so awesome! Would you ever consider doing them in white? I think that would be a nice addition!

    02/07/2012 5:00 pm
    1. Lita says:

      Thanks Nancy. Glad you like our basket textures and I’ll pass your suggestion to our designers.

      02/08/2012 8:54 pm

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