Social Media Icons Update – 136 New Vimeo Icons

We've received a lot of requests to add Vimeo icons to our social media icon sets so here they are!

Download the zip below.

Don't forget there's roughly 2000 more icons in each style. Follow the links below to browse the complete of icons in each icon style.

Additional Icons in Each Style - browse the complete sets below

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29 comments on “Social Media Icons Update – 136 New Vimeo Icons

    1. Lita says:

      Glad you like our icons. Yes, our developers used to make icons regularly. After our new themes launch, they hope to be able to post more.

      04/23/2011 11:28 pm
  1. Leo Price says:

    It’s interesting how a search for ‘one set of content’ ( i.e. in my case I was looking for a good VIMEO icon to use on my own sites) can lead to the discovery a completely new and equaly interesting set of content.

    I came to your site searching for VIMEO icons and discovered some simple but very clean and nicely structured blog themes (i.e. your premium ones). Your “IN FOCUS” theme is ideal as a ‘feeder site’ for one of my clients’ ecommerce sites.

    Well done on a good product offering.

    Leo Price
    engagement ring marketing services

    10/08/2011 5:51 pm

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