Grungy Tileable Vintage Patterns Part 4

Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of high resolution seamless Grungy Vintage textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

Click thumbnails below to view the fullsize versions and download individually, or download the complete zip below.

Included Images

Included in the zip

  • Full size versions of all the thumbs shown above
  • Photoshop .pat pattern set of all images shown above

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21 comments on “Grungy Tileable Vintage Patterns Part 4

  1. RJ says:

    Your vintage patterns are highly classy. Great use of colors and designs too, which fits the “vintage” theme. I do hope to see more and download these patterns as well.

    04/21/2011 12:02 am
  2. Debbie says:

    Wow! You’re truly spectacular! I’m very impressed with you patterns. I will download one of these patterns for sure…

    06/08/2011 4:24 am
  3. Sam says:

    Love the patterns! Visiting your site and seeing the new patterns is always a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for continuing to share them with the world.

    06/29/2011 11:47 am
  4. Nic says:

    Definitely going to use some of these in my designs and I’m having real fun browsing through all the goodies on this site. Glad I found it :-)

    08/23/2011 10:08 am
  5. Joey says:

    Some of these designs are wicked. After seeing these it has proved that I really need to push my designs forward :-)

    09/02/2011 3:34 am
  6. Randy says:

    I don’t really see how you do this. Then again, you might not understand how we use 5 axis machine tools to cut hardened steel for injection molds.
    In any case, they look great.

    09/04/2011 1:39 pm
  7. Jeff Summers says:

    I really like this… They’ll make excellent rugs as well. I’m in house moving mode, so I’m keeping a lookout for pretty patterns. Thanks for this. Kick ass! :)

    02/01/2012 10:15 pm
  8. Amy Watson says:

    I always love it when technology tries its best to imitate the ‘real thing’. Texture is surely one of those things that makes you feel at home. Thanks for sharing!

    02/20/2012 7:45 pm

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