Glossy Space Glass Text Effect and Layer Styles

Today's web treat is a Glossy Space Glass text effect combo pack. It includes 1. The fully editable layered PSD you see in the picture 2. The layer styles used for the effect in an .asl file 3. And a .pat file that contains the patterns used to create the background.

Included in all text effect downloads

  • .psd - Fully layered psd as shown in the preview
  • .asl - All layer styles needed to acheive the effect in an easy to install .asl file

Some texteffect also might include

  • .jpg - Image files of patterns used for the backgrounds
  • .pat - Photoshop Pattern File (as needed for the effect)
  • .abr - photshop brushes (as needed for the effect)

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4 comments on “Glossy Space Glass Text Effect and Layer Styles

  1. 303artwork says:

    Hello Webtreats. We are in contact in Deviant. I came back to your site today to try around with some of your patterns to see if I can use one of them after all for our new alien design website.

    Really great work. We might should link each other on the websites so more people see this.

    Chris – 303artwork

    05/26/2010 11:04 am

    Style Fashion Stuff

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