8 Tileable Dark Wood Texture Patterns

Today’s WebTreat freebie is a combo pack of our 8 tileable Dark Wood texture patterns. The pack contains a Photoshop (.pat) file with 16 patterns, the 8 shown in the preview in two resolutions 512px * 512px and 1024px * 1024px. It also contains .psd files and all 16 patterns saved in a tileable .JPG format.

Click thumbnails below to view the fullsize versions and download individually, or download the complete zip below.

Included Images

Included in the zip

  • Full size versions of all the thumbs shown above
  • Photoshop .pat pattern set of all images shown above
  • 16 .PSD files (1400px * 1024px) with 2 layers – a pattern layer and a radial gradient top layer to create the same effect as in the preview

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105 comments on “8 Tileable Dark Wood Texture Patterns

  1. Electroshogun says:

    Delicious wood patterns – almost good enough to eat. Thanks to all the team for releasing them.

    03/08/2010 4:40 am
  2. Rhonda says:

    One word: PERFECT. This is, by far, my favorite design site. I’ve been wanting a set like this for a long time. Thank you for sharing these! I know you guys have a plethora of social media icons and whatnot, but do you have icons for smartphone themes? Ex: Messages, phone, media, options, etc. I must not be wording my search correctly.

    03/08/2010 12:20 pm
  3. Su Hall says:

    Thank you for the patterns and for the vidoe instructions. It’s always nice to learn a few more tips.

    Thank you!


    03/09/2010 5:24 am
  4. Adriane says:

    I am very pleased that for free. I downloaded these wonderful texture.

    03/22/2010 11:15 am
  5. Alex says:

    Thank You very much for these. Awesome as everything else on ETC network.
    Thank You

    04/23/2010 12:05 am
    1. Lita says:

      Glad you like the work we do at ETC network. We appreciate your kind words!!!

      04/23/2010 9:37 pm
  6. Jeremy Smith says:

    dear lord… who are you guys… this is awesome…. are you based in the US?… if yes can we talk?…..

    04/23/2010 12:06 pm
  7. Kate says:

    I actually paid for this one when you guys were still charging for it! Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    05/11/2010 4:13 pm
    1. Lita says:

      You’re very welcome. Glad you like our dark wood patterns and we appreciate you support at GraphicRiver.

      05/11/2010 8:33 pm
    1. Lita says:

      Scroll down half way through the page you will see 2 download arrow symbols. The first download is smaller and contains the 8 Tileable Darkwood Patterns in .jpg files. The 2nd download is the entire package that contains psd files, .pat files in addition to the .jpg files.

      05/20/2010 8:36 pm
  8. Olly says:

    Thanks a million great resource. Does anyone know if these textures are print ready?

    05/20/2010 6:12 am
    1. Lita says:

      You’re welcome. Glad you like work. These patterns are not 300dpi if that is what you are asking, but you could change that quickly be going to “Image > Image Size” in the menu and changing the resolution from 72 to 300.

      05/24/2010 10:12 pm
  9. Papa Carlo says:

    ohhh… you creative, works – for me – as new window for view this life ! thx you) peace in you home

    05/29/2010 10:24 pm
  10. Franck says:

    Thank you for these excellent texture.

    What is the license for the texture? we have the right to use for a commercial project?

    thank you

    06/25/2010 12:35 am
    1. Lita says:

      Thanks for the compliment. You may use our wood textures freely in both personal and commercial projects. Our only restriction it that you not redistribute them as is or package them and make them available on-line in a similar manner to what we do on our on site. Please visit our Terms of Use page for more details: http://icons.mysitemyway.com/terms-of-use/

      06/25/2010 10:29 pm
    1. Lita says:

      Hi AJ, like you site too. And thanks for helping spread the word about our work!!!

      10/13/2010 9:45 pm
  11. Errony says:

    These are absolutely fantastic! So is your entire site for that matter. Thank you! :)

    12/10/2010 8:17 am
  12. Leslie says:

    I love wood patterns, and these are some of the best I’ve seen! Thank you!

    09/29/2011 5:34 pm
  13. AramisBlack says:

    Awesome texture. I know you said no attribution but Im definatly givin you credit for the textures on the site when it is done.

    01/15/2012 7:55 pm
  14. noufal says:

    nice and awesome textures.. i have got a question.. can i use these textures on my stationary mock-up background which for sale in graphicriver ?

    08/17/2012 12:52 pm
    1. Lita says:

      Hi noufal, Yes, feel free to use our wood textures on your stationary project for graphicriver.

      09/03/2012 8:00 pm

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