504 Additional Tileable Awake Website Backgrounds

Today's web treat is an additional huge pack of 504 seamless web backgrounds, designed specifically to match the 18 original matte variations of our WordPress theme Awake. These are subtler than our standard patterns and optimized for web at lower resolutions.

Not all backgrounds are shown in image previews. You can click on the demo links to see all backgrounds live. You can download the free set of 504 seamlessly tileable web backgrounds at the bottom of the post.

How to Install?

For your convenience, the download comes with 504 css files, corresponding to each background image in a folder called css. If you want to use the "Coffee Tissue Background" for example, the code you would need to add to your website's css is in the file _coffee_tissue.css The contents of the file will look something like the following:

If you're using this as an alternate background for our Awake Wordpress Theme, 
simply upload the included folder "_alt2" into your "style" directory,
and then add the following line at the bottom of your color scheme stylesheet.
body{background:url(_alt2/coffee/tissue.jpg) repeat fixed center top;}

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44 comments on “504 Additional Tileable Awake Website Backgrounds

  1. Collin B. says:

    Could somebody please describe or point me to more detailed installation instructions? I am brand new to wordpress and have a fresh install of Awake. I would love to install one of these backgrounds. Thanks!

    11/24/2010 1:55 pm
    1. Lita says:

      Hi Collin,

      To change the web background on your Awake theme, unzip the download and then follow these three steps.

      1) Upload the included “_alt” folder into your “themes/awake/style/” directory.

      2) Open the included “css” folder and find the appropriate style sheet.
      - For example, If you want to use the hot pink space background, copy the code within the file _hot_pink_space.css.

      3) Paste the code at the bottom of your color-scheme’s stylesheet.
      - For example if you are using the hot pink skin, paste it at the bottom of the file themes/awake/styles/hot_pink.css

      11/26/2010 11:16 pm
  2. SINGU7AR says:

    I use it in my design! Thanks for sharing and this is great service! Much love from Poland.

    02/14/2011 5:16 am
  3. Robert says:

    Stunning work, on the WordPress theme itself and these background variations.

    Any chance of the glossy variations being released (glossy_green in particular)?

    Thanks in advance.

    03/16/2011 4:06 am
  4. Calcifer says:

    Lovely collections! Thanks so much for sharing. You’re my favorite bookmarked site for resources :)

    03/17/2011 12:13 pm
    1. Lita says:

      You’re welcome Calcifer and thanks for making us your favorite site….yeah!!!

      03/18/2011 8:43 pm
  5. Rii says:

    I really wish the pay-version of this wordpress theme came with some animal print backgrounds (leopard spots, anyone?) or came in gold/golden yellow. :C

    05/21/2011 8:52 pm
    1. Lita says:

      Hi Rii, Thanks for your interest in our Awake theme. We hope to add more backgrounds shortly!

      05/23/2011 9:17 pm
  6. Mishaan says:

    Hi, i started a business but have not found the perfect website. This website is absolutely perfect. How do i get this? This is what i want. It calls out to me

    09/28/2011 2:17 am

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