1,540 inFocus Social Media Icon Mega Set!

Today’s web treat is a huge free set of 1,540 social networking icons, our standard 154 icons in 10 colors. This is a little different from our typical social media set. We made these for our first Themeforest theme inFocus, and so we’ve included layered PSDs of their implementation as well as a matching About the Author Box. You can see in the screenshots above. *Not all icons are shown

Download the zip below.

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54 comments on “1,540 inFocus Social Media Icon Mega Set!

    1. Lita says:

      You’re very welcome New Hampshire. Glad you like our inFocus icons! :)

      04/18/2010 9:16 pm
  1. todd says:

    Not sure what i am doing wrong but i cant get the icons to appear. the links work on them but its just a X

    05/22/2010 1:55 pm
    1. Lita says:

      Sorry you’re having trouble. Make sure that you are downloading the zip file and not the preview image or the icons itself.

      05/30/2010 7:04 pm
  2. JoeD says:

    Nice stuff but as you never mention the rights there’s no point in downloading.

    06/14/2010 7:55 pm
    1. Lita says:

      Our pleasure. Glad you like our inFocus icons and thanks for your kind words!!!

      07/08/2010 11:32 pm
  3. m says:

    Is there a high-res version of these icons? Something that would be of good enough quality to use for print? Thanks!

    10/26/2010 8:57 am
    1. Lita says:

      Hi m,
      The inFocus icon mega set includes fully layered psd that should allow you to modify the image size. Our icon graphics work best for web applications so if you want to print them you would want to increase the resolution from 72px to 300 px

      10/27/2010 11:06 pm
    1. Lita says:

      Hi David, glad you like our inFocus icons. Unfortunately, we do not have google buzz icon at the moment but it is on our to do list for future icon updates. This set does include fully layered psd though. You or someone you know might be able to copy the layer styles and create google buzz icon before we get to it.

      10/27/2010 11:23 pm
  4. aaron says:

    thank you thank you thank you! these are fantastic. GREAT JOB!!! loved that you included the .psd as well.

    thanks for your hard work and generosity!


    01/29/2011 5:38 pm
  5. Marianna says:

    I am trying to download these and it says the file is no longer available. Is there still a way for me to get it?

    08/11/2011 9:14 pm
  6. Intimacy says:

    Could you do a google plus icon following the inFocus style?
    Thanks, this set is awesome

    09/10/2011 5:17 am
  7. Claudia Da Silva says:

    I was looking for a very specific style of social media icon for my website and luckily I found your icons via a link in a Smashing Apps post!

    Thank you :)

    12/27/2011 6:36 pm
  8. Davey says:

    Hi, these are great! Thanks for sharing. I hate to ask this, but is there any way to get all the icons in a photoshop file? The .psd file included with the set only has a few icons, and I would like to have the option to change colors to match my website, as well as the option to change the inner and outer drop shadows. They don’t work so well on anything other than white bg. If not, I completely understand, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!

    02/19/2012 12:43 pm

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